*  Basic DJ package- Includes  sound system, colorfull sound activated moving light system, smoke machine for lighting effects to project through and 3 hours of interactive entertainment. 3 HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT
*  Basic Karaoke package- Includes  2 mics and video monitor for song lyrics,  and 3 hours of interactive entertainment. Over 3000 songs to choose from on demand.
*  Basic plus DJ or Karaoke plus package- Includes everything in the basic DJ package with a larger sound system or Karaoke package with lighting from  Basic DJ-Package.
*  Video Standalone package- Includes Video projector, screen and sound system- great for wedding  slide shows and videos,  etc. 3 HOURS
*  Movie Basic- Projector, screen,  sound system and  a real theater style pop corn machine.  Includes "all-you-can-eat popcorn for 20 people. You supply the movie. 2 HRS.
*  Movie Plus- Same as above with large sound system and "surround sound".
*  Guitar game package/Video game galore- Make your rock video game go to concert level.  Includes one of the packages above and video screen set up to simulate  a real rock concert. * You can charge per person and / or per play.  Winner takes all!  * Makes  a great fund-raiser! 3 HOURS
   - Extra hour- Add an extra hour of music for your event.

- Bubbles. Comes with bubble machine , blower fan and all the fun you want!  Fill your entire facility with enchanted ambience.  
- Black light activated bubbles.  Comes with bubble machine bubble blower fan and black lights  to illuminate bubbles
- Black lights.  Includes enough black lights to make everyone glow.  Bring your highlighters glowie things;  anything that is fluorescent to use for black light decorations.
- Artificial indoor /outdoor snow.  Includes snow machine for making a blizzard of snow that reflects off the lighting show. Comes with snow blower fan to make your blizzard effect complete.
- Video Projector.  Comes with one projector to play DVD, X-box, PS2, PS3  or any game system that you want to connect.  Video projector can also be used to play  colorful geometric  animated effects to add a whole lighting ambiance of your event.
- Scented fog.  Add strawberry or any available  scent  to your smoke enhanced light show package.
- Foam machine a " controlled mess" of piles of foam to play in or for special effect. 
- Portable "no power needed" (option available)  sound system in a box.  Includes one microphone and blue-tooth .  Many parties use this at weddings when the ceremony may  be outside, or where cords would be unsightly.
-Small laser show- 2 low-powered lasers assisted with smoke machine projecting Spirograph designs into the air.
- Mirrored ball / Classic disco ball.  Includes one disco ball with a pin spot light for a authentic 70's look.
- Modern Disco ball-  Includes  slow spinning ball projecting light  everywhere in sight.
- Ground fog.  Special fog effect keeps fog low to ground for eerie Halloween effect, or great for above clouds or heavenly look. 
- Movie Popcorn-  Movie Theater style popcorn machine with all you can eat for 20 people.   Add to any Event or package
- Power anywhere generator- Any package can be done anywhere!  30 amps of power to run all or one items in the mountains,  on the beachfront or a distant cabin of your  choice.
 -Power anywhere Solar- Most packages can be done anywhere!  20 amps of power to run all or one items in the mountains, on the beachfront or a distant cabin of your choice.

* $.75 PER MILE OUTSIDE THE CACHE COUNTY AREA. Includes 3 hours of music or services
You will not pay for set up and take down times.
DJ-SUN Packages & Deal Toppers
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See the Bubble machine
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